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on November 22, 2016
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Two years ago I drove a cop car and talked with a Downeast Maine accent in what promised to be an absolutely beautiful movie.  And I am so excited to see that “The Sounding” is almost here!  But to finish it’s journey, we all need your help.  Please watch this video and visit the kickstarter site to learn about Catherine Eaton, and all of the amazing men and women who worked together to bring this project to life.  In these dark late autumn days let’s spread some light and stand up for people who are different!  Let’s stand up for inclusivity!  Let’s stand up for women in film and Shakespeare* and for making something beautiful.

Plus.  Did I mention I drive a cop car?  I totally do.

*Oh yeah, you Shakespeare nerds.  This one is really gonna float your boat.  The main character, only speaks in Shakespeare.  But, like, all rearranged and reconfigured to express what she’s feeling.  It’s cool.

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