Twin Falls SANDWICHES Film Festival Here I Come!

on September 9, 2016
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Who loves sandwiches? Who loves film festivals?  Who loves movies about nerdy high school girls?  ME ME ME!

I am delighted to announce that my screenplay JAN AIR, a coming of age film about a nerdy high school girl in the 1980’s, was selected as a finalist for the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival this October. JAN AIR tells the story of Marni, a Jane Eyre obsessed high school sophomore, who thinks she’ll never get close to her beloved, the unattainable football hero Steve, until a game accident results in his being in the school play with her.

I go to the movies and I think to myself, where are all the nerdy girls?

I see bad girls and deadbeats. I see goth girls and punk girls and freaks. Most of them very pretty—beneath a questionable yet hip haircut. Where are the full-on raging nerds? The girls who are not pretty. The girls who don’t get a makeover and suddenly everyone sees them as the swan who has emerged from her ugly ducking suit. The girls who have a strong sense of self, friends—both good and bad, and ridiculous paralyzing passion with no ready outlets but diary writing and the school play. I was that girl. I wanted to write that movie. So I did.

I began with some questions.

How does a girl who wants to be the heroine of a Gothic Novel navigate high school?

How do you behave around a guy who is one person in church on Sunday morning and a completely different person at his locker? Especially when you yourself feel as constant as the northern star.

What are nerdy girls left with when high school ends? Sure they get into good colleges and study hard and find their tribes in a corner of the library or in the lab. And some of that loneliness, some of that sense of being other, is mitigated. But what isn’t left behind at high school graduation?

What was life like for girls before technology? Before constant contact. When there was still some mystery out there? Long long ago. In 1985.

I’m so excited to share this story with everyone at SANDWICHES!   And my Dad is coming too!

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