10 out of 12 at Soho Rep

on May 20, 2015
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10_12ShowPageYou won’t see me in this play…but you will hear me!  I’m absolutely delighted to be playing the Lighting Designer, Julie, in “10 out of 12” a funny and fascinating new play by the amazing playwright, Anne Washburn (you know her from “Mr. Burns” and more).

For those of you who haven’t lived through one…a “10 out of 12″ rehearsal is a technical rehearsal in which everyone involved in the production of a play works for ten hours out of a twelve hour period.  Usually noon to midnight with a two hour break for dinner.  These rehearsals are grueling, epic, necessary rites of passage–walks over coals–sometimes endless ordeals–in which the pressure cooker of readying a play for an audience can lead to anything and everything.  Prepare to walk into Soho Rep and witness a tech rehearsal which is both familiar and exquisitely unique.

And I’ll be there too…my voice in your ears (oh, yes, directly in your ears) and coming from a speaker in the house.  It’s gonna be crazy.  And awesome.  Directed by my friend Les Waters.  Starring lots of my friends in an amazing ensemble.  Yeah.  It’s a good one.

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